Meanwhile at the League of Extraordinary Songwriters...

  • Stephen Sondheim: Okay, Broadway is dying quickly. Someone needs to write something good, and fast. Last thing we want is for them to revive Baby It's You. Ideas?
  • Jason Robert Brown: Well first can I just say it's an honor to be sitting here in front of you amazing-
  • Stephen Sondheim: We get it.
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber: Well I wrote a sequel to Evita-
  • Stephen Sondheim: Keep it to yourself. I still don't understand why we let you in here.
  • Flaherty and Ahrens: Well we're working on a new show called Anastasia and-
  • Stephen Sondheim: Was it a movie first?
  • Flaherty and Ahrens: Well that's actually a pretty funny story-
  • Stephen Sondheim: That's all I needed to hear.
  • William Finn: Little Miss Sunshine should be headed to Broadway come 2013 and-
  • Stephen Sondheim: Was that a movie first?
  • William Finn: Well it was, but-
  • Stephen Sondheim: Nope.
  • John Kander: I miss Fred.
  • Wildhorn: Would anyone care for a drink?
  • Stephen Sondheim: They're fine. Go Away.
  • Wildhorn: Yes sir...
  • (end of part one)
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